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Fences provide security, noise reduction and boundary definition. It can also be a stylish addition to your landscape depending on the design and installation, combining fashiion and function.

There are different fence panels with three major types with varying details to select from.

The first is the solid fence. It is generally used for containment and allows for complete privacy. It is commonly used to surround swimming pools and as property line separators. It can also be used to conceal unsightly areas or block a major roadway from sight and hearing. These fences are 4 to 6 feet tall with very closely spaced wooden boards that vary in style from an elaborate design to a more plain pointed top.

The second major type of fence is the spaced picket. This is perfect for keeping children or pets within boundaries while adding an aesthetic appeal. Usually, these are 4 feet tall or less and do not block the view.

The third major type of fence is the shadowbox. This fence type uses alternating panels across the back and front so that the fence looks the same on both sides. It is an ideal neighborly style fence since a person on one side does not have to see the comoplete back of a fence. Normally, these fences are about 6 feet tall and look like a solid fence, but allows more air circulation.

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